The 2014 Global NGO-Survey at a Glance

  • What is the background of this research?
    Demands for accountability and financial constraints put a growing pressure on the management of NGOs. This project aims at helping NGOs to cope with the recent challenges and to pursue their missions. The current survey is a follow-up of the 2010/11 Global NGO-Survey and marks the next step of a long-term empirical research project.
  • What is this assessment about?
    The research objective is to help NGOs to understand current developments on competition and financing, to assess strategic options of co-operation and to share learnings and best practices among peers in the field.
  • Who is conducting this assessment?
    The academic research is conducted by Dr. Daniel Schwenger in partnership with academic partners in Geneva, Switzerland. He finished his doctorate studies at the end of 2012 and received a PhD in Economics and Social Sciences at the University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt in Bavaria/Germany.
  • Why should I participate in the survey?
    Your input contributes to identify developments in the sector and best practices in NGO management over an extended period of time. The findings will be shared with you as a participant.
  • Which organizations is the survey directed to?
    This assessment is directed to NGOs working on a local, national or international level
    . Organizations of all backgrounds, working on a national and international level.
  • Who should answer the questions?
    Managers and staff members of NGOs are invited to answer the questionnaire. They should have gained sufficient experience in the management and coordination of the organization.
  • What happens to the data?
    The received data will be aggregated into anonymous groups. No personal data is needed. The retrieved data will be handled in the strictest confidence.
  • How long does the survey take?
    The survey takes up to 10 minutes to complete. It is compatible to mobile devices such as smartphones and can easily be filled out anywhere.
  • By when should we complete the survey?
    Thank you for your participation latest by 31 December 2014.
  • Where can I access the survey?
    Please click here:

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